If you see a light on your dash, excessive smoke or running rough it could be a sign of your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) filter being blocked. Make an appointment and we will diagnose, clean and even replace if required.


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  • Can you drive with a blocked DPF?

    yes, but we would not recommend it. If you ignore the DPF light and continue driving, the build-up of soot will soon reach a point your car has to enter 'limp-home' mode in order to prevent any damage to your cars engine.

  • How long does a DPF filter last?

    A DPF can last up to around 100,000 miles if maintained properly.

  • How do you know if your DPF needs replacing?

    There are a few symptoms but the common ones are: Your car surges or has poor performance, excessive fuel consumption, excessive exhaust smoke (white, blue or black), engine and/or DPF emissions lights displayed, difficult starting or the engine runs rough.

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