Air conditioning systems will lose 10% of their refrigerant every 12 months. Poor servicing of air conditioning systems causes hay fever, skin irritations, runny noses and itchy eyes.


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  • How Does a Vehicle's Air Conditioning System Work?

    Your air conditioning (A/C) system comprises of five main components, including: Compressor, Condenser. Receiver or Dryer, Thermal Expansion Valve & Evaporator

  • Why Does a Car's Air Conditioning Stop Working?

    There are five common reasons why car air conditioners stop functioning: 1. There's an A/C Refrigerant Leak. 2. Your Cooling Fan is Defective. 3. The Condenser or Radiator is Defective. 4. A Bad A/C Compressor. 5. There's an Electrical Issue

  • How long does it take to re-gas a car's air-con?

    It usually takes around 45 minutes to complete a re-gas on your vehicle's air-conditioning system if it is fault-free

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