Whether due to miss fueling or water in your tank. We have the facilities to drain your tank, check for contaminates, clean and get you back on the road.


We are a local, independent garage serving Knutsford and the surrounding areas. Established in 1988 and with many years experience gained by our fully qualified technicians, Autopoint continues to provide a comprehensive package combined with unrivalled Customer Service for all your motoring needs.


  • What Happens If I Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car??

    Starting the engine when you've got mixed fuel in the tank can cause permanent damage to your engine that costs a lot to repair

  • What are the common fuel contaminants?

    Some common contaminants found in today's fuels include water, microorganisms, wax, hard particles, debris and other sediments

  • How do you know if fuel is contaminated?

    Your engine runs rough or keeps stalling, engine harder to start, it misfires pinking or backfiring. Engine management light comes on. Sickly sweet smelling exhaust fumes and white powdery residue in the tailpipe and or spark plugs.

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